Explorer Day

Wow! What a day we had on Tuesday!! It was incredible!

Year 1 were learning about explorers, mainly our local hero Edward Wilson and we celebrated all we know by having a whole theme day about Scott and the team and their Antarctic Expedition.

We started the day with a guest speaker from The Wilson Gallery in Cheltenham, Sophie Williams. She shared all her knowledge about Edward Wilson, including his early life in the Victoria Era and his many jobs and skills. Did you know he had three professions?! He was a scientist, a painter and a doctor…

Sophie also shared with us some of the equipment similar to that which Scott and the team would have used in their expedition. What was really cool was that we got to also try on some of these items!!

Year 1 were extra lucky as after play time we went with Mrs Cottrell in to Forest School. We had some hot chocolate and marshmallows to keep us warm (this is authentic, we promise!) Then we got to make dens and try and shelter from the freeeeeezing polar wind that would have affected all the men whilst trecking the Antarctic.

The afternoon was just as fun filled as we split in to groups and did a carousel of activities.

We used junk modelling to recreate some vital equipment that every explorer would need including: binoculars, flags, ice picks, sledges… It was super fun and Miss Ladley is always great at helping us get creative and a little bit messy.

We split in to teams and using the PlayPod we recreated a fun and dangerous treck across the polar expanse, racing our way along the ice sheets. The challenge was, only two people in each team could touch the ground. We had to think of imaginative ways to get across the playground to reach The South Pole. Have a look at just some of our methods!

We were also treated to an exciting talk from a real polar expert. Mr Hughes shared with us all his incredible knowledge about Edward Wilson and what it takes to survive as an explorer. He really knew his stuff and it was super to pick his brain with our questions and discussions.


Internet Safety

Year 1 had a talk from two lovely police officers today. They helped us learn about what to do on computers when we are grown up enough to be allowed to use them on our own. They shared with us the story of Smartie the Penguin, who is unsure what to do when he has pictures, emails and other things appear on his computer.


We we also got to sing a song that helps us remember what to do if we are ever insure on how to stay safe online.

It goes, “before you click, click, click, you need to think, think, think and tell someone!”. It was easy peasy to learn and we had some actions too, which helps remind us of exactly what to do when using computers.

We were very lucky that we also got some time to ask the police officers some questions…

“What do you do if your grown up doesn’t know what to do with a computer?”

“What happens to the bad people?”

“How do you keep us safe online, what do you do?”

“why do you keep us safe?”

Thank you very much for talking to us!