Having a jam-tastic morningĀ 

This morning we have been making jam sandwiches. All as a way of following instructions to help us later write our own set of instructions.

It was very funny at the start as class 4 had to tell Miss Cosh how to make her jam sandwich, it kept going very wrong as Miss Cosh didn’t know what to do. She put th bread on her head rather than a plate. She used her hands to spread butter on the bread instead of a knife. Then she put the whole jar of jam on the bread rather than a little bit. It was a good job class 4 were there to tell her how to do it properly.

We then got to make our own jam sawdwiches in pairs by telling each other what to do.

The best bit by far was getting to eat what we made at the end! They were delicious!!


Year 4 joined us for a story

We were treated to Miss Van Daesdonk’s class joining us last Friday during our story time.

They all bought with them a favourite book and sat and read to us all in class 4. It was a lovely way to end the week and very relaxing and engaging for all the children.

It was extra special because we have a lot of siblings in these year groups and it was lovely to see them sat together engrossed in a good book.

Thank you so much year 4 for joining us, we hope to do it again very soon… I know my class can’t wait to maybe visit you next time and share some stories in your classroom.

Enjoy some of the pictures of the session…