Internet Safety

Year 1 had a talk from two lovely police officers today. They helped us learn about what to do on computers when we are grown up enough to be allowed to use them on our own. They shared with us the story of Smartie the Penguin, who is unsure what to do when he has pictures, emails and other things appear on his computer.


We we also got to sing a song that helps us remember what to do if we are ever insure on how to stay safe online.

It goes, “before you click, click, click, you need to think, think, think and tell someone!”. It was easy peasy to learn and we had some actions too, which helps remind us of exactly what to do when using computers.

We were very lucky that we also got some time to ask the police officers some questions…

“What do you do if your grown up doesn’t know what to do with a computer?”

“What happens to the bad people?”

“How do you keep us safe online, what do you do?”

“why do you keep us safe?”

Thank you very much for talking to us!



We love PE!

This Autumn  term we have been learning how to develop our skills in throwing, rolling, catching and defending. We have been really spoilt having Mrs Williams join us and we think she is amazing at helping us improve our techniques!



We have learnt to make sure our bodies are in the right place when throwing or rolling. This is: opposite foot forward, arm pointing at the target and a steady precise movement. We even have progressed to use the equipment at different speeds and learnt how that will affect where the ball ends up.


We have been a bit cheeky and learnt how to trick our opponents by making it look like we are going to roll or throw in one direction and then swapping quickly and going another way. It has been really fun and we will definitely use these skills again in the Spring and Summer term!! Mrs Pullen our PE coordinator will be very proud of how super we are down in Year 1…

A prickly hay Nativity

We have been busy busy in KS1 practicing for our Christmas  Nativity show. Now, the big day is FINALLY upon us!

We had a dress rehearsal to the whole school on Monday and it was super exciting, we got to see all our older or younger  siblings and we think they were very proud of us. Although, hopefully today we will be a bit slower with our words and a lot louder so all the parents can hear us at the back.

To celebrate our performance we became grown ups ourselves! Look we got to sit on the big chairs for ‘open the book ‘ assembly…


We can’t wait to see you all later! 


Spirituality Week

On Monday and Tuesday afternoons we joined with Year 2 learning about happiness in ourselves and others, as well as equality for everyone. We made bowls and filled them with kind words of acceptance. Then we made dream catchers to capture happy thoughts and made a happiness tent and photographed ourselves saying what makes us happy…

We were really lucky on Friday as we got to visit Gloucester Cathedralwith Year 3 and 4… And we had lots of mums and dads join us too which was lovely!

We had a brilliant time and experienced and deepened our understanding of what spirituality means for us in Year 1.

We tried on shoes that belonged to other people and listened to their stories, deciding on what we would do if we were ‘in their shoes’ and then shared our ideas with our friends in our groups.

Our trip was a lovely way to end a fantastic week in Year 1 all about spirituality.